Patrick De Gabriele

My personal site for University of the Third Age members and their friends, offering free access to a series of 'talks' on Italian Renaissance art and architecture




Over the past few years it has been my pleasure and privilege to talk to various University of the Third Age groups on subjects close to my heart. These talks have focused on Italian art and architecture of the Renaissance period, and on aspects of medieval Islamic architecture.

The talks have been a great learning experience for me, as they made me articulate my thoughts and opinions in a clear and comprehensible way; and more importantly, the feedback from the U3A audiences has always been invaluable. Now that the current state of practical lock-down has made it impossible for us to get together in any numbers, it occurred to me that I could offer a version of these talks on this website.

What I’d  like to offer is a series of illustrated ‘talks’ on subjects that I have already addressed to a live audience, plus some others that I’ve been working on. I’ll add to them as we go (or as I get on top of the technology!). Your local U3A will get in touch when a new one hits the airwaves (is that the right expression?) and the ‘talks’ are open to anyone, so please feel free to let your friends know.

As always, questions and comments are very welcome, just contact me at